Frequently Asked Questions

When do you go live?

Our web and mobile app are currently in advanced development.  We plan to roll-out the web and mobile app in second or third quarter 2022. To stay in touch with our roll out plan why not just the waiting list. You can join the VIP waiting list by scanning the QR Code on the Globetraveller page or simply by subscribing to our newsletter on our website landing page.

To ensure that the products and solutions we are developing are just the right fit for your everyday needs we like to ask you a few questions. All responses    are encrypted, and no particular individual or household are identified in the final recommendation. All data is treated with the highest confidentiality in accordance with our privacy agreement which isavailable on our website

Who are your potential users?

Everyone with a mobile phone, internet connectivity and a desire to take control of their everyday economy. We have a solution for personal users and business users.
For the personal user we offer holidays, travels, mobile top-up’s data packs, gifts, and utility muti-currencies payments services. You can also make in-app purchases from your favourite e-commerce platforms. Stay on top of your expenditure with real time analytics and instant push notification on all transactions.
For the business users we offer various solutions from multi-currencies global accounts to business travel global package with travel insurance, medical and SOS covers. The BizPayMaster is designed to provide seamless payment solutions with business users and corporate institutions at the front and centre of the product development.
The BizPayMaster™, The eBIZ Wallet ™, The IntTRADE ™ Solutions, The eBIZ Wallet ™ Solutions, and The Globetraveller ™ Advantage leverages advancement in mobile technology, application programming interface, card technology and near-field communication to deliver seamless costs savings to businesses, corporate and international organizations.

Where is your company incorporated and what is your trading status?

Fintech Technologies Limited is a registered LLC based in the United Kingdom. We are currently in advance development building a technology infrastructure from ground up to deliver cutting edge digital solutions.

How can I get on the waiting list?

To get on the VIP list or the waiting list, kindly scan the QR Code on the Globetraveller Page or subscribe to the newsletter on the landing page. We are currently offering free membership of the Exclusive Globetraveller VIP Club. Why not join for free today and remember to share with Friends and family.

What package do I sign up for?

You can sign up for any of the packages once we go live, either the free user or the premium service. You can cancel your premium service package at any time you want by providing a month notice to; the service will automatically cancel at the end of the month notice period.
Should you change your mind you could request to stop cancellation or have your account placed on hold (pause) for 30 days while you decide on what you really want. Accounts on hold will have premium features restrictions place on the accounts but you can still operate the account as a free user account. At the end of the 30 days the hold is automatically lifted, and the account revert to previous or new user status whichever applies.

Do you currently have the relevant licences to operate in the territories you have presence?

As a software technology company we are developing a technology platform that will provide real-time convenience, cost savings, and disrupt the current standard. This takes time, capital resources, technology, and innovation to develop. To ensure we are complaint while developing our technology backend infrastructure we are exploring strategic relationships with financial, services and compliance aggregators as a first route to the market. Prior to roll-out of our unique services we will be providing further information on these strategic relationships to the public. Why not join our waiting list to get first-hand information on our development, partners and roll out plan? Scan our VIP waiting list QR Code or subscribe to our newsletter. 

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