How Entrepreneurship Is Changing the Landscape of UK Housing – Reviewing Concept Capital Group Ltd

Concept Capital Group is a one-of-a-kind alternative buy to let provider that is working towards relieving the housing crisis in the UK.

It’s no news that the UK stands amidst a housing crisis that is getting worse each passing year. The primary reason behind this is the failure to build a sufficient number of homes that meet the rising housing demand. 

In the following article, we’ll elaborate more on the UK housing crisis and shine some light on Concept Capital Group – The Start-Up That Housed Over 450 Individuals and Families. We’ll also walk through the Concept Capital Group reviews we’ve come across online. 

How bad is the UK housing crisis?

Rising house prices and increasing rents have left more than 8 million people without access to secure, stable, or suitable homes. The National Housing Federation revealed that out of 340,000 that need to be developed in the UK, 145,000 need to be affordable.

Another research done by Opinion, a Marketing Agency, revealed that 52% of adults in the UK believe the Housing Crisis is one of the most serious issues faced by the country.

The intensity of the issue shows scope for entrepreneurs that can offer strategic solutions. Thankfully, Concept Capital Group has come up with an alternative Buy to Let opportunity that creates affordable housing and allows investors to enjoy yields of up to 11.1%.

Concept Capital Group’s Buy To Let Opportunity

Concept Capital Group is a socially sustainable Buy To Let provider selling prefabricated homes to investors for as low as £39,999. Once the investor purchases the home, the company gets it furnished & placed on sites that are accessed through partnerships. Following that, a low-income or government-assisted tenant is placed in the home & the homeowner starts receiving a minimum passive income of £3,999 per annum.

Concept Capital Group overlooks the management, tenanting, and maintenance of the home through partnerships. For that, the company keeps a small management fee. However, this does not impact the investors’ minimum rental income of £3,999 per annum.

The company also seems to offer a buy-back incentive, where you can sell the home back to the company every two years of the investment term. Hence, you don’t need to worry about parking your money long term.

How many people have Concept Capital Group housed so far?

As per their website, over the past three years, Concept Capital Group has managed to house over 450 individuals and families in lovely homes all over the UK. The company has access to 112 sites in areas with high demand for affordable housing. Ideally, when an individual purchases a home, the company aims to place it on sites that are nearest to the buyer’s place of residence.

How are the online Concept Capital Group Reviews?

CCG has a presence on multiple review platforms, including Trustpilot and Feefo. The concept capital group reviews on all platforms seem quite positive, with a Feefo rating of 4.9/5 and a Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5.

We also had a look at the company’s Yell account, and there wasn’t a single negative review. We believe this represents their client-centric approach as a company. Recently, they ran a client video review campaign, allowing you to view client reviews on their official YouTube channel.

However, before purchasing from them, we do recommend you seek individual financial advice from an advisor.

How are the returns on the Buy To Let opportunity?

We came across a table breaking down the returns offered by Concept Capital Group’s Buy To Let opportunity.


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So, if you are looking for a place to park your money temporarily without losing any savings to low interest rates, this is perfect for you. You buy the home, enjoy a minimum passive income of £3,999 for up to two years, then sell the home back to Concept Capital Group for the buying price. That’s a minimum 20% net yield compared to savings account interest that would be less than 2% on average. 

Is Concept Capital Socially Sustainable & Ethical?

As per their website, the company supports numerous charities and organizations in line with their ESG plan. These include The British Heart Foundation & The Kiyan Prince Foundation. They also have internal practices in place to ensure they act sustainably – these include recycling plastic / paper waste & sticking to digital methods of marketing. 

Final thoughts

As we stand amidst a housing crisis and an age of rising investors, Concept Capital Group’s buy to let opportunity seems quite strategic. It’s also great for individuals who want to obtain a passive income and build a portfolio along the way.

If you have £39,999 readily available to invest, you should think of the impact your money could have on an individual or family’s life. You’d be providing someone out there with a lovely, secure, and stable home to live in. 

You can learn more about what the company does at 

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