Partners Connect

Our partners connect is a powerful win-win partnerships between B2B organizations to enhance their brand, extend their sales footprint, and grow their customer base. Partners Connect is open to financial institutions, API aggregators, technology partners, services partners, and OEM (hardware) partners. Our partners connect is primarily focus on creating an end-to-end solutions for our users and accelerate connect partners visibility, business growth, and validation.

Independent Payment Consultant (Field Agents)

Our independent payment consultant is a team of independent businesses, traders, self-employed and freelancers (men and women) who do not want to be tied down with a 9 to 5 job and choose to live life on their own terms working smart, accelerating financial freedom –flexible working hours, good earning potentials (if you put in the work). This could be a side hustle to a life of financial freedom. Tired of working 9-5 and just want to sack your boss? Or just need a rewarding side hustle?

Affiliated Programs and Communities

The Pay it Forward Alternative
A fearless tribe of believers with access to the global financial systems paying it forward in their local communities by uplifting others from poverty to sustainable income. We invite you, join us: we are on a mission to create a wealth for the forgotten. To find out more, please click the link below and type in The Pay it Forward Alternative as your subject matter.


All our business customers get access to BizPaymaster ™ BizCafe (coming soon) – an online business resource platform enabling users to find out answers to business questions, meet local businesses and create a buzz for their products in their local area. BizCafe offer useful advice and tips to help you to get ahead in your local business geo-market. To find out more, please click the link below and type BIZCAFE as your subject matter.


Once you sign up to the business user account, we will send you online training resource from BizPaymaster ™ Academy (coming soon) on how to use the tool you have invested in, provide guidance and support services. Our premium business accounts have dedicated account managers and 24/7 hours customer service. To find out more, please click the link below and type Premium Accounts as your subject matter.

Success Stories