Seamless Payments for the Everyday Economy
of Tomorrow

It all about seamless
on the go payment

Send, pay, receive, or accept payments wherever you live in the world

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Middle East.

Live local and receive money globally. Receive money from family, friends, employers, customers, donors, and businesses around the world.

Online and Mobile Cards Payments

Link your Debit or Credits Cards to your mobile digital devices (Phone, Smart Watches and Tablets), pay securely with Apple or Google Pay. Pay and receive payment using your Breathe card readers.

Card Readers

The FT Breathe Card Reader uses NFC Technology to connect your mobile app to the card reader via mobile connectivity to start taking all payments on the go. No contract, no sign-up fees, just order the card reader from our website or affiliated partners and you are go to go. Set up is relatively easy and integration is seamless with 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Open Banking, smart budget, and real-time analytics.

Link all your accounts in one place. Have a 360-degree helicopter view of all your accounts in one place for smarter budgeting and real time analytics of your account, spending and investments.

Get tools and reports of everyday transactions  with smart budgeting and real-time analytics of all your account, spending and investments in one app.

Case studies of Everyday people

What Breathe™ does for people like me?


Live free, get the travel package that is designed around your lifestyle and travels needs. The Globetraveller is a seamless travel package for VIP’s and those who lives in the air. It is like having your own personal travel agency.

Everything and anything from travel insurances, flights, VIP lounges, currency exchange, hotels, international transfers, car rentals to health and security while travelling abroad.

The Globetraveller package provide these features and more at the touch of a digital button. The card for the Globetraveller is designed by travelers for travelers with travel pecks, health, and security coverage. Travel global pay local in multiple 50+ currencies.

The choice is yours, choose wisely



Welcome to the land of the free. Take control of your money, no more banking fees, send and receive money, open foreign currency accounts, save money on your trip aboard and spend like a local overseas on holidays.


Starts at £1.99

You are in the land of the free, now take it a step further and add one peck. You like to cherry pick and stay in control, we get you. We throw in a few more cherries like airport lounges, travel insurance, other pecks at extra cost.


Starts at £6.99

You really like to step it up and push the boundaries. You live freely and enjoy the best things in life. Premium airport lounges, travel insurance and medical coverage on trips overseas sometime in remote locations. 


Starts at £19.99

A borderless free born. You live your life on your own terms. For you nothing but the best of the best will do. VIP airport lounges, VIP travel insurance, VIP medicals and security coverage on trips overseas sometime in remote locations

Welcome to the land of the free

Take control of your money, no more banking fees, send and receive money across borders, open foreign currency accounts, save money on your trip aboard and spend like a local overseas on holidays

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