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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

When I started Financial Samurai in 2009, my main goal was to make sense of the Global Financial Crisis. That was a scary time period that created massive uncertainty for our careers and our investments. As things got better, I’ve tried to tackle interesting topics to enable us to live more meaningful lives.

Given the bull market has created so much wealth for investors since 2009, one of the challenges I’ve faced is maintaining the motivation to continue writing 3X a week. When things are going well, why not slack off a bit right?

The main reason why I didn’t write less this year is because I spent more time at home. If the pandemic was going to restrict some of my freedom, I would make the most of it by writing more. During uncertain times, I also want to be more helpful.

Further, I still enjoy writing and exploring new topics. There are an endless number of things to write about when you address real-life situations versus just writing articles to generate revenue. During the process, I often have these ah-ha moments that always feel satisfying.

Let’s go over the best of Financial Samurai 2021. These posts are either the most read, the most commented, or the most interesting in my opinion.

The Best Of Financial Samurai 2021

Here are the best articles by category.

Best Real Estate Investing Articles For 2021

I’m obsessed with real estate. It is my favorite asset class to build wealth. Rental income accounts for roughly half of my overall passive investment income.

At the same time, real estate is also the asset class that gives me the most stress in a relatively low-stress life. Therefore, I’m gradually investing in more real estate online as I get older. The goal is to earn more passive income and spend less time dealing with maintenance and tenant issues.

Foreign Real Estate Investors Are Coming To Buy Up American Homes 

If The U.S. Housing Market Gets As Hot As The Canadian Housing Market

Why The Housing Market Won’t Crash Any Time Soon

Why Real Estate Is Less Risky Than Stocks And The Irony That Follows

Best Homeownership Articles For 2021

Given we all are spending way more time at home, I spent more time writing about our personal residence.

Income And Net Worth Requirements To Buy A Home At Every Price Point

The Best Time To Own The Nicest House You Can Afford

Remodel With Permits Or Without Permits? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Primary Residence Value As A Percentage Of Net Worth Guide

Enjoy Your Forever Home For Now; It Will Likely Change

A 15-Year Mortgage Is Probably Best, But It Has One Big Disadvantage

Best Tax Articles For 2021

There weren’t many big tax changes in 2021, only a lot of proposals. But to prepare for the inevitable, I wrote some articles to help us better allocate our time and assets.

2022 Income Tax Brackets And The New Ideal Income For Maximum Happiness

Why The Stepped-Up Basis Must Be Preserved For Our Children

A Capital Gains Tax Hike Should Alter Your Income And Selling Strategy

Surviving Off A $400K Income Biden Deems Rich Enough For Higher Taxes

Best Wealth Management Articles For 2021

Planning for the future is key to a wealthier future. There are so many tools at our disposal. Here are some of them.

The Problem With Target Date Funds: 529 Plan Case Study

A Roth IRA Conversion Is Probably A Waste Of Time And Money For Most

Your Umbrella Policy Needs To Be Updated Thanks To A Bull Market

Use A 529 Plan For Generational Wealth Transfer Purposes

Best Retirement Planning Articles For 2021

I think interest rates are going to stay low for the rest of our lifetimes. As a result, it will take more capital to generate the same amount of risk-adjusted returns. In other words, retiring and staying retired may be harder.

As someone who left corporate America in 2012, retired for about a year and then got back to work online, please know that retirement is far more than just crunching the numbers. There is a huge meaning-of-life component that can only truly be experienced until after you leave a steady paycheck.

Two Retirement Philosophies Will Determine Your Safe Withdrawal Rate

10 Million Dollars: The Ideal Net Worth Amount For Retirement?

The Best Time To Retire May Be Under A Democratic President

Investment Returns Versus Active Income: When Work No Longer Matters

Preparing For A 50-Year Retirement With Vanguard’s New Return Assumptions 

FIRE Confessionals Part II: A Bull Market Phenomenon

A Pre-Retirement Checklist For Post-Pandemic Life

Best Investing Articles For 2021

What another fantastic year for most risk assets. The greater our investment returns, the easier our lives get because we don’t have to work as hard for our money.

The Best Asset Class Performers From 2001 – 2020

The Ultimate Source Of Financial Security: Your Strong Mind

Unsure About An Investment Decision? Go Halfsies

DIY Investing: An Easy Guide To Investing Your Own Money 

How I’d Invest $100,000 Today For Reasonable Returns And Some Joy

Day Trading Is A Waste Of Time And Money, Don’t Do It!

Best Financial Status Articles For 2021

Everything is relative in finance. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know where you stand. At the same time, comparing yourself too much to others will ultimately make you unhappy. Therefore, try to only compare your own progress to your previous self.

Are You A HENRY? High Earners, Not Rich Yet

When Do You Finally Feel Rich? It’s Not Always About The Money

Why The Smartest Countries Are Not The Happiest

The Number Of Millionaires In The World Is Exploding

How To Convince People You Are Middle Class When You’re Actually Rich

How To Become A Millionaire By 20 The Old-Fashioned Way

Best Education Articles For 2021

Education will set us free. At the same time, it is absurd tuition is rising so much when practically everything can now be learned online for free. Some parents can’t help themselves when it comes to spending money on their children.

Why More Public Schools Will Eventually Rank Higher Than Private Schools

The Differences Between Public School And Private School People

How To Get Into A Great Preschool Or Private Grade School

Best Health Care Articles For 2021

If you’ve got a day job with health benefits, be grateful! These two articles chronicle the battle my family undertook not to get price-gauged.

The Cost Of Calling An Ambulance And The Nightmare That Ensued

A Broken Emergency Medical System (EMS) Means Lots Of Surprise Bills

Best Meaning Of Life Articles For 2021

Money is a tool to live a better life. Please don’t make money the end goal.

If You Want To Naturally Be Nicer, Get Richer: A Surprise Apology Letter

Overcoming The Downer Of No Longer Making Maximum Money

You Will Never Truly Be Free Unless Your Loved Ones Are Also Free

The YOLO Economy Is Here To Stay: How To Live Your Best Life

Revenge Spend Time! Spending Money To Get Back At Life

Best Work And Career Articles For 2021

The pandemic has been positive for workers who’ve been able to work from home. I’m actually kind of envious due to more work flexibility, health and retirement benefits, and rising pay.

The Best Time To Work May Be During Or After A Pandemic

Don’t Make Over $400,000 A Year: Look At How Goldman Analysts Suffer

The Best Money-Making Solution After Being Rejected By A Company

In Search Of The 2-Hour Work Day

Ask People What They Do, They Might Surprise You

Best Automobile Articles For 2021

I used to be a car junkie in my 20s and early 30s. But now, not so much. All I really want is a reliable and safe vehicle to transport my family.

How To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Purchasing An Expensive Vehicle

The Ideal Length Of Time To Own A Car Is Not Forever

Best Family Planning Articles For 2021

I could probably spend 70% of my time writing about family planning and fatherhood. I am endlessly fascinated by child development, parenting, and what the future holds for our children.

Marrying Your Equal Is Better Than Marrying Rich

The Best Age To Get Life Insurance Based On Logic And Reasoning

The Bank Of Mom And Dad Strategy To Buying A Home And Having A Family

The Cost Of Raising Many Children Isn’t Just About The Money

The Average Amount Of Time Parents Spend With Their Kids A Day Is So Low

When Is The Right Time To Travel Or Live Abroad With Kids

Best Entrepreneurship Articles For 2021

Once the pandemic began in 1Q2020, I decided to become more entrepreneurial. I figured, if I had to shelter in place, I might as well try to make more money online. It was my way of giving the pandemic the middle finger.

Reflections On Making Money Online Since 2009

Your X-Factor Is Key To Being Rich, Happy, And Free

A Great Year For Personal Finance Writing

I hope you enjoyed the best of Financial Samurai 2021. Each article takes hours to research, write, edit, and prepare. If I find the article boring or unhelpful, I won’t publish it. At the end of the day, I just want to write the type of articles I enjoy reading.

Although writing over 310,000 words in one year might sound like a lot (the equivalent of writing three, ~340-page books), it’s doable if you can write a little bit each week. The same goes for tackling anything large, such as losing weight, improving at a sport, building a business, and learning an instrument. Just do a little bit consistently and sooner or later you will reach your goal.

How to stay plugging in:

I always welcome different perspectives, no matter how contrary they are to my own. So please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Instead of looking for confirmation, we should all be truth-seeking.

Next up, I’ll write my personal year in review!

Readers, are there any Financial Samurai posts you like the most? Any posts that I left out that made an impression? What are some topics you’d like me to discuss in 2022?

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