Smart Tech

Smart technology goes beyond just sending and receiving, searching for information and the traditional turning things on and off. Instead, it offers the users an exciting user experience and control, through use of the Internet - We are bridging the power of smart technology to everyday people, businesses, and organisations at your convenience at the touch of a digital button.

Smart cities, smart phones, smart watches and now: smart financial technology services, smart living, and smart businesses - we are giving you a seamless user experience, greater control, best-in-class mobile security and substantial savings on payments, holidays, business transactions, cross border transactions and many more. A customised user journey that fit into your personality and lifestyle and provide substantial savings.

We give small businesses without Terminals the freedom to start taking payment on the go: you need your Phone (with Breathe ™ mobile app installed) + Breathe ™ mobile app Card Reader to take payments on the go - no set up fees, no external connectivity and no contracts required. 

For big Businesses, Agencies, Charities and Organizations we give freedom to take payment immediately on the go = Your Terminal + Breathe ™ mobile app Card Reader + Mobile Internet Connectivity, you are good to go. No set up fees, no external connectivity and no contracts required.