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It is no secret that the current financial system has failed at providing access and inclusion to billions of people in the low-to-medium income countries. In these countries and some of the developed economies there are more smartphones than there are bankers, and more mobile active users than there are opportunities.

Mobile services have emerged strongly in low-to-medium income countries as a low-cost way of managing money and making payments - mobile transaction costs are lower than traditional banking transaction costs and present a business model to build a ‘’pocket system money hub’’ for the unbanked and underbanked

Our Infrastructure based technology in open platform, open banking, application programming interface, AI and mobile technology will create financial access and usage of digital mobile devices by the unbanked young and mobile active users in these emerging economies and for migrant communities in the developed countries.

Operational advancement offered by automation of robotics processes (RPA), chatbots and distributed accounting technology allows for agility, efficiency, and precision to scale. Our Flagship App - The FTL Breathe ™ mobile app convert your Android or Apple devices (mobile phone or tablets) into your mobile bank (eWallet).

Your Android or IOS + FTL Breathe ™ mobile app = Make and take payments, international transfers, buy flight tickets, reserve hotel and car rentals, and send money on the go. Other array of products and solutions in our portfolio (in various stages of developments) are as follows:

The FTL Breathe™ Mobile Solution – In advance development phase, coming soon.
The BizPayMaster ™ Business Solutions - In advance development phase, coming soon.
TheGlobetraveller ™ Advantage- In advance development phase, coming soon.
The eBIZ Wallet ™ Solutions - In advance development phase, coming soon.
The IntTRADE ™ Solutions - In advance development phase, coming soon.
The SchPAY ™ Solutions - In advance development phase, coming soon.

Card Technology

Our platform and card readers will leverage the best-in-class NFC technology giving you more user experience, greater control and substantial savings on payments, holidays, business transactions, cross border transactions and many more...

Mobile Payment

We are developing a payment app for everyday people, millennials, generation Z and businesses, from buying and paying for goods and services to sending money to home country for family and friends. We serve the interests of both ...

Real-time Services

Convenience is no longer a luxury for the super-rich. Technology has provided a level playing field. We add real-time on-the-go value to everything to do mobile payments: sending money, international travels, booking hotels, flights...

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