Our platform and card readers will leverage the best-in-class NFC technology giving you more user experience, greater control and substantial savings on payments, holidays, business transactions, cross border transactions and many more. We give small businesses without Terminals the freedom to start taking payment on the go. No set up fees, no external connectivity and no contracts required – We take off this stress from you. For big Businesses, Agencies, Charities and Organizations we give freedom to take payment immediately on the go = Your Terminal + Breathe ™ mobile app Card Reader + Mobile Internet Connectivity, you are good to go. No set up fees, no external connectivity and no contracts required.


We are developing a payment app for everyday people, millennials, generation Z and businesses, from buying and paying for goods and services to sending money to home country for family and friends. We serve the interests of both consumers, businesses and SME with well-designed products and solutions. Doing business overseas and across international borders, sending money to home countries to friends and family, schooling abroad, traveling for business or vacation has never been this seamless at a touch of your mobile phone. Spend local, pay in foreign currencies at local rates - no traditional bank charges, no international transfer fees, and at the real foreign exchange rates. The future is here, take back control with the touch of a digital button with the FTL Breathe™ app.


Convenience is no longer a luxury for the super-rich. Technology has provided a level playing field. We add real-time on-the-go value to everything to do mobile payments: sending money, international travels, booking hotels, flights, cab riding and more across low-to-medium income countries and beyond. Convenience, easy to use integrated digital platforms, real time security and mobile access in town and cities across low-to-medium income countries.

All these and more, at your command at the touch of your fingers across multi-channels. And it gets even better! We will reward you for living your bestie life with air miles, free hotel nights and free rides. The FTL Breathe™ rewards you for everyday transactions and gives the users access to part of the profit generated from their transactions.

For us this is not just a business but a movement and a social cause. We are on a movement to significantly reduce poverty in low-to-medium income countries. This is why we have The Pay it Forward Alternative - a fearless tribe of believers with access to the global financial systems paying it forward in their local communities by uplifting others from poverty to sustainable income. We invite you, join us: we are a mission to create a wealth.