It is no secret that the current financial system has failed at providing access and inclusion to billions of people in the low-to-medium income countries. We are developing software and hardware solutions to accelerate financial access and usage of digital mobile devices by the unbanked young and mobile active users in these emerging economies.

Our Flagship App, The FTL Breathe ™ mobile app convert your Desktop and Laptop (windows only) into your mobile bank (eWallet). Your devices + FTL Breathe ™ mobile app = Make and take payments, international transfers, buy flight tickets, reserve hotel and car rentals, and send money on the go.

No more waiting in banking hall, administrative, logistics and high traditional banking fees. Earn rewards and share a part of the profits from your transactions (subject to meeting eligibility criteria): The FTL Breathe Mob App rewards you with airmiles, promotions and vouchers.

You will also be enrolled in FTL Reward program (subject to eligibility criteria, the terms and conditions applies). FTL Reward Program will be announced on product launch. The FTL Breathe Mob App will be available for download on Windows Play Store soon